SampleHero - 88 Solo Cello Horror SFX (KONTAKT)

SampleHero's 88 Solo Cello Horror SFX is a virtual instrument for your nightmares. Ferocious, terrifying and incredibly crystal clear. You will hear every nuance of this stunning cello. From the hair of the bow to the resonance of the acoustic chamber and you will feel that in fact you are trapped inside this diabolical Cello. 

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SampleHero - 88 Solo Cello Horror SFX library is designed for the soundtrack of horror, thriller and drama, it sounds terrific and scary.
- 88 Ferocious Sounding Samples
- Pitched SFX, Low Ponticello, Crescendos
- Psycho/Scrapes, Tritone Tremolo, Chaos
- Drops/Risers, Seagulls, Taps, Scratches
- Horror STABS!
- 3-Band EQ
- Delay
- Reverb
- Mod-Wheel Pitch Bend
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