Karanyi Sounds - Vapor Keys (KONTAKT)

Karanyi Sounds Introduces Vapor Keys: a collection of great sounding FM Electric Piano samples. Samples an inspiring collection of fabulous keyboard instruments for Kontakt. It can sound cute and naive, bright, bold, sharp, crappy, juicy and sexy, spacious or even dark and gloomy. Rhodes ELECTRIC PIANO.

Download: Karanyi Sounds - Vapor Keys (KONTAKT)

Realitone - Realivox Ladies 2.1 (KONTAKT)

Realitone - Realivox Ladies 2.1 for KONTAKT is a vocal sample library that you can play on the keyboard and that will sound realistic. Whether it’s pop music or film dubbing, soloing or backing vocals, Realivox provides singers from the top sessions. 

Download: Realitone - Realivox Ladies 2.1 (KONTAKT)

GetGood Drums - Modern and Massive Pack (KONTAKT)

GetGood Drums - Modern and Massive Pack for NI KONTAKT is a drum library hands you the ability to craft the perfect tones for modern rock and metal. Clean, powerful, vibrant drum tones with a truly explosive ambience, designed to satisfy those who want the hugest and most realistic sounds. 

Download: GetGood Drums - Modern and Massive Pack (KONTAKT)

Indigisounds - Laventille Rhythm Section (KONTAKT)

Indigisounds - Laventille Rhythm Section for NI KONTAKT is the sound of the rhythm section is one that, when heard, causes a feeling of celebration and festival, when it fills the air with the sound of iron and metal, an abrasive symphony of energy. KONTAKT 5 or higher.

Download: Indigisounds - Laventille Rhythm Section (KONTAKT)

Splash Sound - Indie Voices / Vocal library (KONTAKT)

Indie Voices is a vocal library for NI KONTAKT, intended for the production of indie, rock, pop and folk music. All voices are the voices of professional vocalists, and the recording was made using Class A equipment. We have made the process of adding backing vocals to your tracks easier than ever.

Download: Splash Sound - Indie Voices / Vocal library (KONTAKT)


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