Premier Sound Factory - Acoustic Bass Premier 2

Premier Sound Factory - Acoustic Bass Premier 2 designed according to the strictest quality standards, the total energy of the bass was packed in a sample of 96 kHz without any artificial EQ or compressor. Easy to use with a lot of articulation, including ARCO 3 types of variations in the recording, Acoustic Bass Premier 2 is a great incentive for any style of music project.

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All Recorded in 96kHz / 32 bit and Converted to 24 bit for Logic Users
Powerful Feel of Original Flat Bass Sound with No EQ
3 Style Variations: Solid Basic Style, Vintage Jazz Style, and Modern Jazz Style
Real Time Control with Plenty of Articulation
Slide Up, Slide Down, Gliss Up, Gliss Down for All Key (Variations Controlled with Key Switches with Sound Change in 120-127 Velocity Range)
Vibrato with Modulation Wheel
ARCO Program for Each Style
Various Slide Notes in High Key Range
Various Touch Noise and Fret Noise (C0 & D0)
2 Velocities Release Noise Automatically to Perform True & Real Sounds.

Solid Basic Style:
Closed mic position, solid wide-range and bottom power especially good for Hip Hop and Rock style projects
Neumann U47 - Neve 1081 - Urei 1176
Vintage Jazz Style:
Mid range mic position, traditional jazz recording style
RCA 77DX - Ampex 350 - Teletronix LA2A
Modern Jazz Style:
Flat and natural upright bass sound, suitable for all your tracks
SCHOEPS 221b - Ampex 350 - Urei 1176


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