UJAM - Virtual Bassist ROYAL (Mac OSX)

UJAM Virtual Bassist ROYAL is your all-round high-class session bass player, always ready to support most styles of popular music safely and effortlessly. Perfect for pop music, ready for rock music, inspiring on indie and as material for singers and songwriters, ROYAL is the best companion for a session studio for all occasions. 

Download: UJAM - Virtual Bassist ROYAL (Mac OSX)

Lyrebird Sounds - Suprem Bass (KONTAKT)

Lyrebird Sounds - Suprem Bass for KONTAKT offers samples of various bass guitar options. The samples were carefully crafted and recorded with a resolution of 24Bits, 44100Mhz. The interface Lyrebird Sounds - Suprem Bass is intuitive and easy to use. 

Download: Lyrebird Sounds - Suprem Bass (KONTAKT)


KERFYGE DRM - A MODERN DRUM MACHINE is a powerful custom engine for NI KONTAKT fully equipped to spark your creativity included 16 X 16 punchy drum kits covering almost every genres, professional sound in a flexible module, unique x analogue style filters.  Kontakt 5.8.1 Or Higher Is Required

Download: Kerfyge Audio - KERFYGE DRM (KONTAKT)

Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition (KONTAKT)

Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition for KONTAKT provides the realism you need to start writing great orchestral music — or add a few intimate and clean instruments to your existing collection of sample libraries. For the writing live music the 35 major orchestral instruments and sections in the Standard Edition are the foundation you need to do the work. 

Download: Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition (KONTAKT)

Audiofier - Riffendium vol. 1 (KONTAKT)

Audiofier - Riffendium present series is a collection of loops for electric guitars that range from pure ballads and arpeggio techniques to furious rock-style guitar riffs. Audiofier - Riffendium vol. 1 the library includes cycles of real, modeled, synthesized and developed instruments, which leads to the original palette of inspiring sounds for the creators of electronic and organic music. 

Download: Audiofier - Riffendium vol. 1 (KONTAKT)


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