Yamaha S90 ES v1.6

The Yamaha S90 ES v1.6 includes 14 piano patches from the Yamaha S90 ES, carefully sampled using mLan16 (Digital FireWire).
You can select the main patch (the button with the name of the patch or the yellow indicator on the left above it), connect the second to it (red indicator on the right above the patch button), as well as additional pads (controlled by the modulation wheel) and reverb. Each of the four listed layers has a separate volume control. 

Download: Yamaha S90 ES v1.6

NorCtrack Yamaha Motif ES (KONTAKT)

NorCtrack – Yamaha Motif ES NKI for KONTAKT is a library of sounds of the most powerful workstatoin Yamaha Motif ES. Here included the best sound presents form hardware model Yamaha Motif ES. Yamaha Motif ES it is one heir most popular workstatoins. The qiven library allows to have sounds of this instructent at you on a computer. Sounds multisampled. You can use this sounds for professoinal purposes. 

Download: NorCtrack Yamaha Motif ES (KONTAKT)

Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos (KONTAKT)

Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos represents a library of samples, a set of wonderful pianos from the legendary Nord Stage 3. The library includes more than 40 different pianos. Get real pleasure from using this instruments. We also have the Nord Stage 2 Piano (KONTAKT)

Download: Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos (KONTAKT)

E-MU - Emax II Elements of Sound 1 & 2 (KONTAKT)

E-MU Emax II instrument library for NI Kontakt. 

Download: E-MU - Emax II Elements of Sound 1 & 2 (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - Indie Bouzouki (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - Indie Bouzouki for KONTAKT embraces the genuine sense of Irish bouzouki, which is played by a mediator. Outstanding and nostalgic tones make it ideal for adding folk taste to any musical style, from rock to pop. Indie Bouzouki includes pattern patches, steady tones, round robin patches, chords and noise effects. 

Download: Dream Audio Tools - Indie Bouzouki (KONTAKT)


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