Global Audio Tools - Alliance (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools is one crazy dope library with a variety of instruments ranging from grimy sub basses to evolving pads, plucks, guitars and much more, not to mention it has one very clean and unique user interface with a array of onboard FX and a Arpeggiator.  is ready for you to tweak and use as you see fit, while each sound can be manipulated into a variety of different Arpeggiator patterns, and further tweak with the onboard FX. 

Download: Global Audio Tools - Alliance

Kong Audio - Chinee Orchestra FE 2.1.2

Kong Audio - Chinee Orchestra FE (full edition) - the first and only instrument of the Chinese orchestra. While working on a completely new engine QIN RV (QIN Engine is the native sample playback plugin developed by KONG AUDIO), the instrument bears the sonic palette, adding shine to all types of musical works: whether soundtracks, films, TV, games, pop music, commercials or live concerts. 

Download: Kong Audio - Chinee Orchestra FE 2.1.2

Dan Dean - Signature Bass Collection (KONTAKT)

Dan Dean - Signature Bass Collection, exclusive to Audio plugin Deals, features 5 different bass guitar libraries, each with its own distinctive sound. These instruments have been sampled in incredible detail using Accusample™ technology. Each instrument features multiple dynamics and round robin variations. Every bass has up to 34 different preset timbres… and these aren’t just emulations in Kontakt. With all these options for customization, these libraries will give the perfect tone not just for jazz projects, but for all musical genres. 

Download: Dan Dean - Signature Bass Collection (KONTAKT)

Findasound Oriental Soloist (Kontakt)

Findasound Oriental Soloist is a set of 30 sounds designed for oriental solo style playing designed and sampled by Dr Raid Marji, one of the pioneers in sampling and sound design in the middle east area. The set is designed carefully to suit all needs for solo playing whether it is Balkan, Turkish, Greek, and / or Arabic. Oriental Soloist is designed to serve keyboard players for live performance and in - studio production, the player can use a touch screen to instantly choose and select sounds while performing live. With easy to use interface the player is able to manipulate and choose / assign functions, a vibrato speed control added with pitch bend amount that is necessary for keyboard soloist. 

Download: Findasound Oriental Soloist

CineSamples - Viola da Gamba (Kontakt)

CineSamples - Viola da Gamba 6-stringed ancient stringed musical instrument is originally from Spain.Viola da Gamba is instrument is strung with 6 gut strings that are tuned to (relative to Kontakt): D1, G1, C2, E2, A2, and D3.
Viols are fretted in a manner similar to early guitars or lutes, by means of movable wrapped-around and tied-on gut frets. The movable nature of the tied-on frets permits the viol player to make adjustments to the tempering of the instrument. On this particular instrument, the frets only extend 7 semi-tones on each string. 

Download: CineSamples - Viola da Gamba



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