SONiVOX AfroCuban Percussion

SONiVOX AfroCuban Percussion great set of percussion sounds from the most common - to very rare. Brightness and saturation of sound - the distinctive features of this VST. Sampled sounds of AfroCuban Percussion suitable for a wide variety of areas of your compositions. 

Download: SONiVOX AfroCuban Percussion

SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums

SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums - selection of the virtual instrument plug-ins from the company SONiVOX format VSTi DVI (Downloadable Virtual Instruments). SONiVOX DVI 2.0 VSTi RTAS give musicians and composers full access to huge collections of virtual instruments based on samples Windows (VST & RTAS).

Download: SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums

SONiVOX Ramirez Nylon Guitar

SONiVOX Ramirez Nylon Guitar - the Nylon String Guitar the masters choose, DVI version of this classic includes tones and chords, perfect for adding that unique character that only a great classical guitar can bring to your music. 

Download:SONiVOX Ramirez Nylon Guitar

SONiVOX Atsia Percussion

SONiVOX Atsia West African Percussion - mesmerizing likelihood of their sound. Richness and diversity of sound is 100% justifies this unique tool. 

Download:SONiVOX Atsia Percussion

SONiVOX Taylor Acoustic Guitar

SONiVOX Taylor Acoustic Guitar - this is another great option of an acoustic guitar with a clear live sound. This tool includes a six-stringed instruments, 12-string guitar, and other options.

Download:SONiVOX Taylor Acoustic Guitar


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