SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat (KONTAKT)

Intuitive workflow SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat allows you to "roll cubes" and receive random sounds. Parts of bits, fragments of a melody or wild sound experiments will turn into new ideas in the shortest possible time. You can also import your own samples into 11 available sequencer tracks. 

Download: SturmSounds-Electro - Schlagomat (KONTAKT)

Soundethers The Light

Soundethers - The Light for KONTAKT is a very unusual combination of records of sound atmospheres and textures. Really live sound landscapes. We traveled around Rome, were in his churches ... and just started recording the sounds of moving and whispering people walking in those beautiful places with natural reverberation. You will also find records of airports, shops, old, from the 70's a "diesel self-propelled" train, A subway train, unusual objects such as a crystal lamp, breathing underwater with an irrigation engine, cracking a fireplace, rain in a beautiful stereo field, and so on...

Download: Soundethers The Light

Half Moon Productions - ABZ 5 BASS INSTRUMENT (KONTAKT)

Half Moon Productions - ABZ 5 Bass Instrument is sampled with a top of the range Dingwall ABZ bass made in Canada. Tracked with Kallium 185-50 strings it has the clean and massive low end you're looking for. Multisampled up and downstrokes all the way to D0 (pitched to C0) with alternate picking capability. ABZ 5 BASS INSTRUMENT for KONTAKT 5.5.1+

Download: Half Moon Productions - ABZ 5 BASS INSTRUMENT (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - The Portable (KONTAKT)

Dream Audio Tools - The Portable ideal instrument for creating vintage synthetic sounds from classic synthetic copper to modern and alternative pads and textures. It is also an excellent tool for any style of music, including retro and modern electronics, Synthpop, Wave, Hip Hop, Film Music and Ambient. 

Download: Dream Audio Tools - The Portable (KONTAKT)

Versilian Studios - The Strumstick (KONTAKT)

Versilian Studios - The Strumstick (KONTAKT) The McNally Strumstick is a three stringed pseudo-guitar designed by Bob McNally. Although its focus is as a beginners' instrument, it is still a usable and unique sounding instrument. The instrument comes in two main flavors, a smaller 'Super G', and a larger 'D Grand'. With both diatonic as well as chromatic instruments, there is a large variety to choose from and the instrument can be suitable even for professional musicians as a unique doubling or traveling instrument.

Download: Versilian Studios - The Strumstick (KONTAKT)


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