Tru-Urban Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass (KONTAKT)

Tru-Urban Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass is a Melodic 808 Bass Machine. Immerse yourself in a world of 808 bass tuned just as accurately as a piano and ready to add power and character to your track. From the classic 808, to the ridiculous - all in "Speaker Buster". 

Download: Tru-Urban Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass

Bolder Sounds - Electric Sitar (KONTAKT)

Bolder Sounds - Electric Sitar is a sample libraries. Electric Sitar has a distinct and unique voice. The mic samples really make this sample library unique. They give this instrument a very animated top end with the result being a bit of a acoustic-electric hybrid, giving us a closer emulation of a real sitar. 

Download: Bolder Sounds - Electric Sitar (KONTAKT)

Joey Sturgis Drums - Miles McPherson Drums (KONTAKT)

Joey Sturgis Drums - Miles McPherson Drums is a library of recorded, edited and mixed drum samples for the Native Instruments "Kontakt" platform. The collection includes two sets of samples: a set of Yamaha and 1972 Rogers recorded at the Starstruck studio, each of which is performed by the famous drummer Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore). 

Download: Joey Sturgis Drums - Miles McPherson Drums (KONTAKT)

Gothic Instruments - Sculptor Epic Risers (KONTAKT)

Gothic Instruments - Sculptor Epic Risers are sounds that begin with a low tone and end with a high and add instant excitement in the tracks of any genre. Sculptor Epic Risers is a library of stunning ups and downs that will add endless variety to your tracks. Epic Risers is a very useful instrument for provoking anticipation or falling, highlighting empty items, creating transitions, and much more. 

Download: Gothic Instruments - Sculptor Epic Risers (KONTAKT)

Findasound - Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings (KONTAKT)

Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings is a professional string sample library for Kontakt 5. The sounds of the samples Oriental Strings correspond to the common techniques of the play of the Near and Middle East. Legato sounds with the options speed, attack, expression and portamento. Regardless of the normal, slow or fast portamento, you can control the speed of the legato and adjust it according to your needs. Kontakt 5.3.0 Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Download: Findasound - Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings (KONTAKT)

Findasound - Fayez Saidawi Egyptian Ney (KONTAKT)

Fayez Saidawi Egyptian Ney is a set of 3 neys: A,B, and C . Where Ney A is more like a synth ney or a lead Ney with fast attack designed for synth sounds gurus who want the ney to sound like a synth lead sound, and B is darker sound with slower attack that sounds more like a Turkish - Persian Ney, and finally C which sounds more like a Kawala with mid attack and more airy sound. 

Download: Findasound - Fayez Saidawi Egyptian Ney (KONTAKT)

Roland - VS Tera Piano (for Roland - VS Concerto)

Roland VS Tera Piano - sample library for Concerto sound engine plugin. Thanks to the revolutionary ultra-thin sampling process of Roland Clow, we have distilled and used the warm and velvety tones of this world-class piano and brought them to your workplace. Each keystroke and each note will show an impeccable reproduction. Roland - VS Concerto

Download: Roland - VS Tera Piano for Concerto v1.0 (Concerto)


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