Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)

Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 library contains lush and warm pads and textures. It is small in size, but definitely large in sound. The update now includes a whole palette of new sounds that range from kinetic pianos and beautiful harp sounds to a saturated atmosphere. In addition, you can now format unprocessed sounds using advanced modulation capabilities and an enhanced effects rack. 

Download: Sound Aesthetics Sampling - Mountains V3 (KONTAKT)

Keyscape - 13 (KONTAKT)

Keyscape - 13 instruments from Keyscape Spectrasonics collection for Native Instrument (KONTAKT). 

Download: Keyscape - 13 (KONTAKT)

Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres (KONTAKT)

Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres: the fifth module for atmospheric instruments Gothic Instruments for Kontakt. From intensely high to low frequencies, creepy and haunting, dark and mysterious, not to mention those sounds that are simply offensive to the ears, the FX elements in this collection will make you feel cold, tense and uncomfortable. 

Download: Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres (KONTAKT)

Nozytic - Medusa (KONTAKT)

Nozytic - Medusa (KONTAKT) This powerful library for Kontakt includes 85 high-quality instruments ranging from the 808's to basses, bells, brass, hits, FX, leads, keyboards, choruses, strings, plaques and pads. Also included are 2 pages with effects, Kontakt 5 and WAV files.
This library, created for all genres of music, is best suited for a gloomy orchestra, movie soundtracks, Ambient and Cinematic Music. 

Download: Nozytic - Medusa (KONTAKT)

Rhythmic Robot - Seinfeld Bass (KONTAKT)

Rhythmic Robot - Seinfeld Bass MIDI Bass hardware for Kontakt instrument. The MIDI Bass is a simple little device – MIDI notes go in, bass sounds come out – so we’ve kept things simple for our recreation, which just adds some useful compression and tube saturation controls and leaves the rest up to you and your funk. 

Download: Rhythmic Robot - Seinfeld Bass (KONTAKT)

In Session Audio - Fluid Harmonics (KONTAKT)

In Session Audio has released Fluid Harmonics, an instrument designed to create richly layered melodic patterns with ease, for Kontakt.
The result is a collection of 150+ patches that combine autoplay rhythm and melody features with sound design. 

Download: In Session Audio - Fluid Harmonics (KONTAKT)

Audiomodern - Paths (KONTAKT)

Audiomodern - Paths is the perfect set for use in Atmospheric Composition, Scores, Trailers, Documentaries, Advertising, World and Background music. Also usable for any production ranging from Downtempo, Atmospheric, Chillwave and Post-Dubstep to Ambient. 

Download: Audiomodern - Paths (KONTAKT)


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