TRU-URBAN - Mike Kalombo's Golden Keyz

TRU-URBAN - Mike Kalombo's Golden Keyz (VSTi, KONTAKT, WAV x86 x64)

TRU-URBAN - Mike Kalombo's Golden Keyz - a huge library of piano and keyboards super phrases, including exclusive new loops and phrases, all in a powerful, easy-to-use interface. This energetic library includes 200 loops and phrases that are performed solely producer Mike Kalombo, using a variety of pianos, electric pianos, organs, and others keyboards.

Each phrase has been synchronized with the tempo, cutting and spreading across the keyboard, giving you maximum creative control over every phrase.
Use the switches that would instantly transpose the phrases on the fly switching between effects, change the texture, or even to turn a phrase in the opposite direction (Reverse Mode).
Golden Keys allows you to stay focused on creativity without any effort on your part.

Full Control Over Masterfully Played Piano and Keyboard Phrases by Producer Mike Kalombo
Just under 200 Musical Phrases
Tempo Sync
Quick Transposing
Fine-Tune Control
Full Suite of Effects
Slice Point Editing
Key-switches - for On-the-fly changes of Tuning and effects
Reverse Mode
Double Effect Chains
3 Exclusive Piano Instrument Patches by Mike Kalombo included
Simple User Friendly Interface
.wav files included for those who do not own Kontakt


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