Toontrack - Synthwave EZX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - Synthwave EZX (SOUNDBANK) - based on approximately 440 individually designed source sounds, this EZX brings you 20 kits, each offering one unique and mix-ready sound. The kits were built around typical drum machines of the era, but mixed, matched and layered to offer new and unique options without compromising the slightest bit of authenticity. 

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Toontrack - Synthwave EZX, every instrument in this collection screams that typically dark, gritty and futuristic dystopian synthwave vibe right from the start. In addition to the sounds, each set also has a corresponding base set of MIDI grooves, allowing you to hit the ground running on your next idea.

Putting it all together, you get a modern take on the massive palette of beat ingredients that made the 80s an indelible exclamation point in music history. Mechanical magic is in your hands.


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