Toontrack - EZkeys 2 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack presents the next generation of EZkeys 2. Ready to write, play and create? Welcome and meet your new pianist.

Download:Toontrack - EZkeys 2 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack - Synthwave EZX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - Synthwave EZX (SOUNDBANK) - based on approximately 440 individually designed source sounds, this EZX brings you 20 kits, each offering one unique and mix-ready sound. The kits were built around typical drum machines of the era, but mixed, matched and layered to offer new and unique options without compromising the slightest bit of authenticity. 

Download: Toontrack - Synthwave EZX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK) is an expansion for EZbass designed to cover one of the most iconic and defining eras in popular music history: the sixties. The library was recorded using two completely different playing styles: one using a finger and the other with palm muting with a pick. This gives you two contrasting views of the same instrument and a tonal range spanning the full width from traditionally dull to harsh and vibrant. 

Download: Toontrack - The Sixties EBX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - Acoustic EBX (SOUNDBANK)

The Toontrack Acoustic EBX is an extension to the EZbass with a traditional 4-string acoustic bass guitar. Recorded with both an external condenser microphone and a built-in piezo pickup, it offers the absolute best of both worlds in terms of tone. In addition to the instrument itself, the Acoustic EBX also includes a customizable MIDI library as well as a set of presets covering mix-ready tones tailored for both amp and acoustic scenarios. 

Download: Toontrack - Acoustic EBX (SOUNDBANK)

Toontrack - Americana EBX v1.0.0 (WIN/OSX)

Toontrack - Americana EBX v1.0.0. This EBX has been designed to give you a workhorse type extension that works in all of these scenarios - from small acoustic rigs to full fledged electric rock instruments. 

Read more: Toontrack - Americana EBX v1.0.0 (WIN/OSX)


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