SONiVOX - Essential Keyboard Collection 1.0.1 VSTi, AAX x64

At Sonivox flagship keyboard instrument uses Qubiq Audio's powerful new StruQture sound engine, providing full cross-compatibility with DAWs, outstanding sound quality, a visually stunning easy-to-use user interface, and a standalone application to work with. This dynamic instrument has a wide library of sounds designed to sound great live or in the studio. 

Download: SONiVOX - Essential Keyboard Collection 1.0.1 VSTi, AAX x64

SONiVOX Rickenbacker Guitar

SONiVOX Rickenbacker guitar VSTi RTAS - Sampling of these magnificent instruments.
The sound quality SONiVOX Rickenbacker VSTi RTAS amazing, it gives us a sense of the vintage, which probably never go out of fashion. In SONiVOX Rickenbacker VSTi RTAS at your disposal and six-string bass guitar. 

Download: SONiVOX Rickenbacker Guitar

SONiVOX Martin Acoustic Guitar

SONiVOX Martin Acoustic Guitar have been prized for generations for their rich tone. We took extra care to capture the pure essence of this guitar for our Martin DVI. Featuring tones and chords, this Martin is sure to impress. 

Download: SONiVOX Martin Acoustic Guitar

Sonivox Fender Telecaster v2.0

Sonivox Fender Telecaster v2.0 - well sampled electric guitar of the legendary "Fender Telecaster". Bright and high-quality voice surprise with its uniqueness and depth of sound. Like many VSTi company Sonivox this instrument has a lot of settings and effects.

Download: Sonivox Fender Telecaster v2.0

SONiVOX Fender Precision Bass

SONiVOX Fender Precision Bass - very soft realistic sound represented by SONiVOX please many arrangers. Various techniques of game from Slep to Slides samples and recorded with all the nuances. One of the best soft-libraries SONiVOX Fender Precision Bass is suitable for many areas.

Download: SONiVOX Fender Precision Bass


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