Modwheel - Timphonia (KONTAKT)

Modwheel - Timphonia is high-quality library of timpani the fifth instalment in MODWHEEL’s Creative Differences percussion series for Kontakt. Modwheel - Timphonia was recorded in a neutral studio space with close and room microphone placements.  

Download: Modwheel - Timphonia (KONTAKT)

Modwheel - The Lowdown (KONTAKT)

Modwheel The Lowdown for KONTAKT it’s a Beautiful 100 year old Double Bass owned and played by Bass luminary David Donaldson for the past 35 years, which has been deeply sampled by Modwheel The Lowdown to create a Kontakt sample library made up of every conceivable sound you can generate using bows, mallets, chopsticks, brushes, and anything else that came to hand (or foot). 

Download: Modwheel - The Lowdown (KONTAKT)


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