Karanyi Sounds - Budapest Abstract Marimba (KONTAKT)

Budapest Abstract Marimba is designed to create fast sequences and inspiring tremolo basics for a modern sound. Unlike traditional marimba libraries, we've focused on fleeting rich, vibrant sounds, and we've added multiple synth and ambient sub-layers to suit all genres from electronic, jazz to cinematic. 

Download: Karanyi Sounds - Budapest Abstract Marimba (KONTAKT)

Karanyi Sounds - Vapor Keys (KONTAKT)

Karanyi Sounds Introduces Vapor Keys: a collection of great sounding FM Electric Piano samples. Samples an inspiring collection of fabulous keyboard instruments for Kontakt. It can sound cute and naive, bright, bold, sharp, crappy, juicy and sexy, spacious or even dark and gloomy. Rhodes ELECTRIC PIANO.

Download: Karanyi Sounds - Vapor Keys (KONTAKT)


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