Ilya Efimov - Rock Bass (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov - Rock Bass for KONTAKT a five-string plectrum bass for rock and pop music. It represents the sound of a hi-end Sadowsky NYC 5 string bass played with a pick (plectrum). 

Download: Ilya Efimov - Rock Bass (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov Domra Alto (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov Domra Alto for KONTAKT Native Instrument is the Russian national stringed plucked instrument.
Domra is part of the orchestra of folk instruments in several forms - piccolo, small, alto, bass and contrabass. Domra alto externally resembles a domra small, only its dimensions are somewhat larger. Its structure is also a quart - E-A-D, but it sounds an octave lower. 

Download: Ilya Efimov Domra Alto (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov - Irish Tin Whistle (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov - Irish Tin Whistle with incredible playability and realism. You have full control over dynamics and expression, able to add and control vibrato and frullato. A tin whistle player is called a tin whistler or simply a whistler. The tin whistle is closely associated with Celtic music.The tin whistle, also called the penny whistle, English flageolet, Scottish penny whistle, tin flageolet, Irish whistle, six-holed woodwind instrument. 

Download: Ilya Efimov - Irish Tin Whistle (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov - Uilleann Pipes (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov Uilleann Pipes - Bagpipe is the national instrument of Ireland. This instrument his an unusual and complex design, requiring the player a lot of skill.  Seven playable reeds – the chanter, drones and regulators provide the instrument's unique blend, harmonic structure, sweeter and quieter sound.  Library for KONTAKT 5.6.0 + 

Read more: Ilya Efimov - Uilleann Pipes (KONTAKT)


The Irish Whistle Library from Ilya Efimov production is based on our unique legato system. You can control the dynamics and expression, you can add vibrato and frullato only when necessary. At your disposal are all the necessary articulations: mordent, foreshock, slide-up, staccato (6 RR), fractions. Whistle is a folk flute with six holes on the front side, widely used in folk music of Ireland, Scotland, England and some other countries. For KONTAKT 5.6.0 +

Download: Ilya Efimov - IRISH LOW WHISTLE (KONTAKT)


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