Global Audio Tools - Exhile (KONTAKT)

Global Audio Tools offers you a new tool, which we call "Exile Kontakt Library" for urban music producers. Whether you create trape or hip-hop, you will find everything in this library, as it contains more than 40 high-quality instruments from brass, guitars, percussion, sabs - so you can make the entire track using this one virtual instrument Exhile. Global Audio Tools Exhile is also equipped with a user interface and built-in FX. 

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Global Audio Tools Exhile included:
50 NKI Instruments
14 NKI 808’s
6 NKI Clap’s
8 NKI Crash’s
12 NKI Hi Hat’s
11 NKI Hits & Stab’s
10 NKI Kick’s
21 NKI Percussion’s
16 NKI Snare’s
WAV Drums Included
Custom User Interface
Onboard FX


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