Fracture Sounds - Frozen Percussion: Vibes (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds Introduces you the second part of the Frozen Percussion: Vibes series. Frozen Vibes is a deeply sampled concert vibraphone played with a bow to create rich, endless sustains frozen in time. 

Download: Fracture Sounds - Frozen Percussion: Vibes (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds - Dulciano (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds - Dulciano for KONTAKT is a grand piano played with dulcimer hammers. This unique hybrid instrument reproduces a tone similar to a dulcimer or cymbals, but longer strings and a larger piano deck give the instrument a richer tone and longer sustain. The instrument also has a much wider range of reproduction than standard dulcimer or cymbals (A0 to E6). 

Download: Fracture Sounds - Dulciano (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds - Woodchester Piano (KONTAKT)

Fracture Sounds - Woodchester Piano for KONTAKT is a beautiful piano created in close collaboration with film and television composer James Everingham. Woodchester Piano is the first in our new series of collaborations with talented composers and artists, which offers you a range of carefully designed virtual instruments full of personality. 

Download: Fracture Sounds - Woodchester Piano (KONTAKT)


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