Native Instruments - Session Bassist Icon Bass (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - The Session Bassist Icon Bass for KONTAKT combines the power and versatility of one of the greatest basses that has stood the test of time. Carefully selected from the popular 1989 American model, it contains a wide range of riffs, loops and melodies composed and performed by top session bass players. With the addition of active electronics, ICON BASS is perfect for when you need an extra chord for rumbling rock riffs, furious funk fills and pop parts that create an impactful sound. 

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- Powerful bottom of the legendary electric bass - the first to feature active electronics
- Over 200 playable patterns and phrases covering a wide range of genres
- Edit and play your own solo melodies and bass lines
Play like the greats
ICON BASS comes with two instruments - a main pattern instrument and a second melodic instrument for combining your own melodies with patterns and phrases. Together, they make it easy to create authentic and expressive basslines in any genre with a variety of articulations, techniques and playing styles to help bring your ideas to life.
Playable Patterns
Quickly browse over 200 patterns across 54 song presets, then further tailor the pitch in your sequencer with MIDI drag and drop. Adjust the bass lines to match the rhythm of your productions with the swing and humanize controls, and shift the emphasis between slides and releases.


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