Uplifting Music Studio - Indie Rock Vocal (KONTAKT)

Uplifting Music Studio - Indie Rock Vocal. To create this library, we used a multi-hour studio session of three vocalists, recorded using Double Track technology in all keys and combined with each other through careful editing. Thus, the effect of a full-fledged six-voice choir is achieved, sounding without any use of computer technology. 

Download: Uplifting Music Studio - Indie Rock Vocal (KONTAKT)

Umlaut Audio - uBEAT Hip-Hop (KONTAKT)

Umlaut Audio - uBEAT Hip-Hop adds a dynamic vibe to any production. Unleash your creativity and make your music stand out with this new dynamic library of drum loops for KONTAKT. Combining a traditional MIDI file library with an eight-pad drum machine, Umlaut Audio's uBEAT Hip-Hop kicks off your tracks instantly with an intuitive workflow. 

Download: Umlaut Audio - uBEAT Hip-Hop (KONTAKT)

Audiomodern - Opacity II (KONTAKT)

Audiomodern - Opacity II for KONTAKT is an exclusive collection of cinematic six-string guitar and professional performances that will work in film, television, sound design, documentaries, games, movie trailers, commercials, and contemporary cinematic and ambient music. Audiomodern - Opacity (KONTAKT)

Download: Audiomodern - Opacity II (KONTAKT)

Stormwave - The Hand Tank Drum (KONTAKT)

Stormwave - The Hand Tank Drum for KONTAKT (also called hanging drums) are wonderful musical instruments that have gained their popularity among soundtrack producers, alternative and street musicians for their unique, charming tone. 

Download: Stormwave - The Hand Tank Drum (KONTAKT)

Junior Porciuncula - SYNTHAGE v1.4 (KONTAKT)

Junior Porciuncula - SYNTHAGE v1.4 for KONTAKT strives to offer users the highest possible quality. Thus, it is impossible to know what the difference in sound is between Synthage and Yamaha Montage for those who do not have enough money to buy a real keyboard. The whole base is based on Yamaha Montage, all sounds are from Yamaha Montage. Pré-venda - Synthage v1.3.3 (KONTAKT) 

Download: Junior Porciuncula - SYNTHAGE v1.4 (KONTAKT)


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