Zero-G Sax Supreme

Zero-G Sax Supreme

Zero-G Sample library is a vintage soprano saxophone Sax Supreme for Kontakt instruments  that has been recorded in an anechoic chamber and programmed as a very high quality  with a custom graphic interface. Sax Supreme is the nearest thing to having a real saxophonist on call in the studio. The collection includes a 1.6Gb samplebank of over 1200 samples to create amazingly nuanced playing. 

Supreme Sax Update Installation Instructions.

1. Replace the 'ir-samples' and 'pictures' folders that are contained in the Info-Resources
directory with the new ones in this folder.
2. Replace the files 'Sax Supreme.nkc' and 'Sax Supreme.nkr' that are contained in the Info
directory with the new ones contained in this folder.
3. Place the new Kontakt instruments 'Sax Supreme Kontakt 5 AET k.nki' and 'Sax Supreme Kontakt
5 XF k.nki' in the Instruments Folder.
4. Read the **Supreme Sax Update - New Features.txt text file to see what improvements have
been made to Supreme Sax.
5. Open either of the two new instruments and enjoy all the new features!

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