Soundiron - Olympus Elements

Soundiron - Olympus Elements

Soundiron Olympus Elements contains just the wide close stage blend microphone position for all 8 core vowel articulations: Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh and Oo. The choir is completely configurable, with independent control over male and female divisi sections. You’ll find sustains, staccatos and marcatos, with pp-ff dynamic layering and intelligent round robin. This choir packs a massive forte punch and velvety smooth piano dynamics, giving you complete expressive control and creative freedom.

The library also features a wide variety of classic choral effects, swells, sweeps, shouts, whispers and more. Each preset comes with an array of fine performance controls, EQ, 50 custom convolution environmental and fx reverbs to choose from. And of course, we’ve included our signature hand-crafted choral atmospheres, pads and evolving soundscapes to open up more creative possibilities.
This Powered-By-Kontakt Player library can be used with the free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt and can be added to the «Libraries” rack.

 Format: KONTAKT

Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Description: Symphonic Choir

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