Orchestral Tools - The Timpani - sound library sound wonderful orchestral timpani, with its many different aspects of one of our favorite places - The Teldex in Berlin. On the same stage, where we recorded the Berlin woodwind THE Glock. The Timpani is the first library of its kind with a true Damping Control, which allows you to loosen the skin a very natural way with the help of specially recorded samples.

The Timpani gives you a complement of four different mallets plus a special Impact variety to cover all timpani needs in your scores.
You get the following mallets/playing styles:
- Soft
- Normal
- Hard
- Baroque
- Impact

You have free choice between three microphone positions, Close, Room and Mix, the
latter being a memory-friendly premix of the former two. These microphone positions are switchable in the GUI. Additionally, all core articulations
have been recorded with multiple velocity layers for realistic dynamics.
All samples have their natural panning.


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