Orchestral Tools - The Glock is a multi sampled orchestral Glockenspiel with sustain pedal. Orchestral Tools - The Glock is recorded in one of the best Studio Teldex in Berlin. We used the finest microphone setup and preamps to capture the fabulous magic in this famous hall (e.g. a Decca Tree and Mid AB setup with 5x legendary Neumann M50s microphones)

3 microphone positions (Room, Mid, Close) enable you the full control to fit "The Glock" perfectly into your template and production situation. With 3 different mallets, natural release samples and 2 velocity layers, "The Glock" is one of the most extensively sampled Glockenspiels ever created.

List articulations include:

sustains with pedal releases,
vibrato sustains,
short tremolo

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