Nаtive Instrumеnts - Аction Strikеs (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments Company has released Аction Strikеs - intuitive orchestral a percussion instrument for creating rhythms for cinematography with the help of 12 unique Ensembles, 65 individual instruments and 12 sets of single hit - all with control functions in real time. Native Instruments Аction Strikеs is equipped with an advanced interface, specially designed for the creation of orchestral pieces for cinema, television and computer games. 

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Native Instruments Аction Strikеs has - 12 full ensembles plus 65 single instruments and 12 carefully-compiled Hit Sets exclusively recorded in uncompromising quality. Hundreds of timeless rhythms, adaptable for any project. And a one-of-a-kind interface that makes creating blockbuster orchestral percussion faster than ever. Become the conductor -- this is Аction Strikеs. 


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