AudioWarp - GAS (KONTAKT)

AudioWarp GASAudioWarp GAS Guitar Analog Synthesis, for sample player Kontakt, representing a electric guitar + analog modular effects. Every sound in the library, recorded with real guitar, went through a complex series of pedals, tape machines and effects. Result - mesmerizing.
SYNTHESIZERS contains custom 32-step sequencer to create patterns and a powerful built-in browser to save the object. Some of the sounds similar to the sound of Mogwai, Grails, Explosions in the Sky, Tame Impala, Deftones, and Boards of Canada, but also have their own completely different character with a wide choice of pads, leads, keyboards and arpeggios.

2.1GB Raw Sample Data
65 Raw Analog Patches
Komplete and Maschine Integration
104 Snapshot Presets
24 Sequencer Presets
Compressed .ncw format samples
Advanced Step Sequencer
Deep and Creative Waveform Blend Function


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