Analogue Drums - DeadBeat (KONTAKT)

Analogue Drums - DeadBeat for KONTAKT NI a package of samples of drums in the pop style of the 60's / 70's. The library is based on a set of plates from Zildjian, small drums from Ludwig and Premier. The library is great for funk, R'n'B, modern folk, indie, pop, etc. Three small drums, two separate pairs of volumes and three barrels will give you a bunch of options for finding the tone that best suits your track. 

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Multi-sampling: each kit component contains up to 7 velocity layers for expressive detail, dynamics and realism - check the details at the bottom of this page.
Round-robin: natural performance with 6x round-robin hits for every zone.
Switchable instruments: 3x kick variations, 2x tom dampening variations, 3x swappable snares.
Mic layers: 6x individually controllable mic layers: Close mics, Mono Overhead, Two room mics, Kick Sub, and Snare-Bottom
eKit mode switch to 'eKit' mode when using a Roland V-Drum kit, or leave set to 'Keyboard mode' for direct MIDI sequencing. The layout is General MIDI (GM) compatible.
Output routing: stereo and multi-channel output versions provided.
Dynamic Range control: increase the sensitivity of the kit for more intricate and subtle performances or leave it set to full dynamic range for heavier tracks.
Presets: for quickly accessing different sounds.
Also check out the MIDI files page to download free MIDI files compatible with this kit.

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