Ample Sound - Ample Guitar G

Ample Sound - Ample Guitar G is recorded using Gibson Les Paul Custom R8 Guitar, with 5000 samples, 4.26GB, 22 frets, Neck and Neck+Bridge 2 pick-up instrument groups. Every guitar note with real samples -- no re-sample. To get high-quality and not treated with effects, dry samples, Ample Sound chose a traditional, classical way of writing instruments. If you - a guitarist, and you do not have the necessary conditions and opportunities to record their guitar or you are not able to use the keyboard, Ample Sound AGP will be very useful.

Prescribe solo or riff is possible, using only two of his fingers. It is also a very handy tool for keyboard players who do not understand or do not understand quite how arranged guitar. You can use a variety of functions, such as, Capo Logic, for writing guitar solos or riffs.


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