Sonokinetic Sleigh Bells

Sonokinetic represents different sounds of Sleigh Bells. Sonokinetic’s own Intelligent tempo mapping will make sure that your reindeer stay in sync no matter how hard you push them to deliver the gifts. Inside the playable area, loops are laid out on the white keys. There are between two and four loops per bell per feel per meter per tempo… breath in…. and the number of colored keys will change when you change any of the settings, depending on how many are available for that particular setting.

One Kontakt 4 & One Kontakt 5 patch spanning:
6 different Sleigh bells
25 bell sleigh bell
21 bell sleigh bell
17 bell sleigh bell
13 bell sleigh bell
6 bell sleigh bell
1 bell sleigh bell
Loops in two tempi, two meters and two feels
Loop length up to 25 seconds, average around 10
Up to 41 Round Robins per multisample
300+ samples. (about 500 Mb sample content) in 24 bit 44.1 kHz aiff format
Royalty and copyright free content license.
Sleigh bells Reference manual (pdf).
Artwork: “Sleigh Bells” DVD cover. Designed by Sonokinetic
Free Christmas spirit included

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