Sonokinetic Sleigh Bells

Sonokinetic represents different sounds of Sleigh Bells. Sonokinetic’s own Intelligent tempo mapping will make sure that your reindeer stay in sync no matter how hard you push them to deliver the gifts. Inside the playable area, loops are laid out on the white keys. There are between two and four loops per bell per feel per meter per tempo… breath in…. and the number of colored keys will change when you change any of the settings, depending on how many are available for that particular setting.

Download: Sonokinetic Sleigh Bells

Sonokinetic Bagpipes

Sonokinetic is the release of bagpipes for Native Instruments Kontakt. Sonokinetic expanded their "Heritage" collection of samples with this collection of authentic bagpipe. Obtained from most music historically influential regions of Europe, this library has 4 bagpipes, covering Spain Scotland.

Download: Sonokinetic Bagpipes

Sonokinetic - Toll

Sonokinetic Toll presents you with sample library bells of varying size, period and origin. Each blow to these bells is a unique and original sound, Sonokinetic sampled historically valuable bronze bell with a millennial history. The library also includes amazing sounding Carillon. This product literally blow you away, and make all the epic and majestic sound, and add weight to your compositions.

Download: Sonokinetic Toll


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