Orange Tree Sample - Evolution Dracus v1.1.62 UPDATE (KONTAKT)

Orange Tree Sample - Evolution Dracus v1.1.62 UPDATE (KONTAKT) Directly from the fire core of the earth, you get the hottest 8 string virtual guitar library for metal and rock. Dracus covers a wide range of techniques and articulations, whether it be epic cutting lead or giant four-part rhythmic tracks. The sample library boasts a wide range of notes: from a shrill squeak in the highest register to a monstrous grinding, far exceeding the standard capabilities of 6 string guitars. 

Full version here. Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Dracus v1.1.61 (KONTAKT)

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A powerful effects engine has a lot of virtual stompboxes, rack effects, amplifiers and guitar cabinets.

New in version 1.1.62:
- Fixed a bug with the steady pedal that would occasionally leave notes hanging.

- Added five new guitar cabinet models: 1x12 "Freed", 1x12 "Tangerine", 2x12 "Tangerine", 4x10 "Supa", 4x12 "Tangerine".


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