Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats (Kontakt)

Native Instruments Kinetic Treats - samples of children's toys, the library interface is completely interactive, so to control the parameters of sound we can by moving most of these toys in the window. Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats combines recordings of toys (both musical and non-musical) with advanced sound design to create the soundtrack to our childhood imagination. For KONTAKT 5.6.0+ 

Download: Native Instruments - Kinetic Treats (Kontakt)

Native Instruments - Maschine 2.5.0 (Mac)


Native Instruments - Maschine 2.5.0 for Mac OS X is a revolutionary system for creating grooves for tactile and creative beat making organization with a recognized sound library. Create quickly and easily with Maschine, a software package for creating beats, combining the power and flexibility of software with tactile immediacy of hardware. Native Instruments Maschine sequencer based on patterns, high-performance sampler, an incredible set of professional tools and studio effects, exemplary drum synthesizers.  Native Instruments - Maschine v.2.2.4

Download: Native Instruments - Maschine 2.5.0 (Mac)

Native Instruments Battery 4.0.2 (Mac OS X)

Native Instruments Battery 4 for Mac OS X - professional drum sampler. The widespread use of the drum sampler was made possible by the low requirements for system resources, ease of use and compatibility with a huge number of drums sample formats. Native Instruments Battery 4 - a powerful drum sampler with comprehensive capabilities, based on the sampler engine of the next generation. Minimum load system memory, thanks to the Sample Purge. Multi-function waveform display with quick-access controls and intuitive, gestural interface covers navigation, editing, loops, modulation, and envelope control. Native Instruments Battery 4 library

Download: Native Instruments Battery 4 (Mac OS X)

Native Instruments - Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2

Native Instruments - Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2 - a new addition to the series Native Instruments Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic, based on the patterns of two vintage guitars Martin 0-17 (1934) 6-string and F-412 (1960) 12 strings. Through careful selection and placement of microphones, excellent room acoustics and high-quality audio equipment, require no additional signal processing. Each pattern features a rhythmic signature of dynamic accents, perfect for a diverse set of genres from rock, folk, and country, to bluegrass, latin, pop, and more... Flexible performance controls enable users to recreate the musicality of pro studio guitarists from their keyboard. Sound control features and effects allow users to customize their sound and place the guitar perfectly in a mix. 

Download: Native Instruments - Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2

Native Instruments - Berlin Concert Grand v1.4.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments presents Berlin Concert Grand v1.4.0 - an exceptional instruments, derived from the legendary ACOUSTIC PIANO. Its structural clarity, poise sound, poetic and original style - the definitive characteristics of this concert piano. Sophisticated methods of recording when you use high-quality equipment have provided material for the KONTAKT sampler, ensuring that the Berlin Concert Grand is not distinguished from the original.

Download: Native Instruments - Berlin Concert Grand v1.4.0 (KONTAKT)


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