Red Room Audio - Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion (KONTAKT)

Red Room Audio - Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion is an extensive collection of thundering drums, dynamic metal and other acoustic percussion instruments of the real world, focused on providing sound impact and scale on cinematographic and music for trailers. 

Download: Red Room Audio - Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion (KONTAKT)

Producers Vault - Latin Urban 1.5 VSTi (x86 x64)

Producers Vault Latin Urban v1.5 includes the most popular sounds, synthesizers, real instruments, orchestra sounds, strings and drum kits, assembled together to create urban Latin music. This tool will allow you to add a Latin flavor to your Reggaeton, EDM and Hip Hop tracks. 

Download: Producers Vault - Latin Urban 1.5 VSTi (x86 x64)

Sonica Instruments - Tsugaru Shamisen (KONTAKT)

Tsugaru Shamisen - Japanese plucked three-stringed musical instrument. Sonica Instruments has painstakingly recreated every aspect of the revered tsugaru shamisen — the stirring percussive sounds, the powerful playing techniques, and the blazing speed of hajiki picking — in a Kontakt instrument library. The Virtuoso Japanese Series’ Tsugaru Shamisen library is certain to enliven nearly every genre of music, from Japanese minyo folk songs to hard rock, jazz, contemporary classical music, and movie scores. 

Download: Sonica Instruments - Tsugaru Shamisen (KONTAKT)

SampleHero - 88 Solo Cello Horror SFX (KONTAKT)

SampleHero's 88 Solo Cello Horror SFX is a virtual instrument for your nightmares. Ferocious, terrifying and incredibly crystal clear. You will hear every nuance of this stunning cello. From the hair of the bow to the resonance of the acoustic chamber and you will feel that in fact you are trapped inside this diabolical Cello. 

Download: SampleHero - 88 Solo Cello Horror SFX (KONTAKT)

Umlaut Audio - MOTORS (KONTAKT)

Umlaut Audio - MOTORS (KONTAKT) 140+ flawless presets for accompanying movies, TV and creating music for games. A instrument with exceptional rhythmic variation. Designed for creating tonal and rhythmic sound patterns. 3 variations for each loop - ideal when you need variations in the same motif. 

Download: Umlaut Audio - MOTORS (KONTAKT)



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