Cinematique Instruments - Fabrique (KONTAKT)

Cinematique Instruments - Fabrique is a real-time pattern module for creating complex and inspiring musical elements within seconds. You will be available to 170 presets that are ready to be played. Although Fabrique is a very complex and versatile tool, it is anyhow very simple and intuitive to use. All control and operating elements are easily accessible, so that you can quickly and easily create or edit your pattern according to your own requirements. Cinematique Instruments Fabrique provides almost every possibilities according to all these needs. 

* 3 kind of Fabrique: Prime, Urban and Eerie
* Over 70 single instruments and 50 audio loops
* 3 tracks per module
* CPU friendly (no additional loading), low memory
* Easy and intuitive use
* Flexible Master Section (bar size, tempo, shuffle)
* Multi Mode-able with free definable 'run' key
* Separate solo function
* Enhanced playability and intuitive programming possibilities
* Separate sound shaping options (volume, pitch, length filter, reverb, dealay, envelope)
* Partially Randomization
* over 170 presets

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