Cinematique Instruments - Interval (KONTAKT)


Cinematique Instruments - Interval for Native Instruments KONTAKT includes two main sections: an extraordinary way to select the sound sources (samples), and a unique engine to create harmony. Cinematique Instruments - Interval are pleased to present an extraordinary collection of gentle and shimmering long notes of violins, cellos, flutes and trombones, which are breathtaking. To finish off this palette of sounds, we have added some great sounds selected, such as harmonic violin, guitar, sinusoidalnve tones and much more. 

Download: Cinematique Instruments - Interval (KONTAKT)

Cinematique Instruments - Fabrique (KONTAKT)

Cinematique Instruments - Fabrique is a real-time pattern module for creating complex and inspiring musical elements within seconds. You will be available to 170 presets that are ready to be played. Although Fabrique is a very complex and versatile tool, it is anyhow very simple and intuitive to use. All control and operating elements are easily accessible, so that you can quickly and easily create or edit your pattern according to your own requirements. Cinematique Instruments Fabrique provides almost every possibilities according to all these needs. 

Download: Cinematique Instruments - Fabrique (KONTAKT)

Cinematique Instruments - Marble

Cinematique Instruments - Marble is a creative music tool - it is an extremely versatile instrument, modern and inspiring. Cinematique Instruments - Marble provides a new and absolute unique feature: Real-time Sound Shaping. After having created a sound in the sequencer area with all the extensive possibilities  the entire sound of Marble finally passes a complex effect matrix. This effect matrix includes various effect such as low- and highpassfilter, distortion, compression, frequency rate, random generator and much more.  

Download: Cinematique Instruments - Marble

Cinematique Instruments - Hammered Dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer is a stringed instrument with 31 string pairs stretched over a trapezoidal shaped sound box. Usually, the hammered dulcimer is set on a stand in front of the musician, who holds small wooden mallet hammers to strike the strings. Cinematique Instruments Hammered Dulcimer has two bridges, a bass bridge near the right and a treble bridge on the left side. The bass bridge holds up bass strings, which are played to the left of the bridge. 

Download: Cinematique Instruments - Hammered Dulcimer

Cinematique Instruments - Ensemblia v.1.5 (Kontakt)

Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia - the sounds of the modern chamber orchestra, which makes it easy to write organic and truly natural music. Selected range of classical instruments together with a fine mixture of unique sounds ready for your cinematic track - drama and comedy, or may even embellish your pop and R'n'B tracks. 

Download: Cinematique Instruments - Ensemblia


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