Best Service - Altus (KONTAKT)

Best Service Altus - a unique solo vocal library, like the voice of the Pastor Jose Hernandez, countertenor with great expression and really beautiful and unique voice. With Altus library you can easily create your own ultra-realistic tunes without any phrases. Altus is aimed at easily creating your own ultra-realistic melodies, without using any phrases. Altus offers a powerful and innovative word builder which combines 26 words (136 elements including words and their syllables) with 5 true legato and portamento vowels (a, e, i, o, u), all at your fingertips in one patch.

5 different true legatos and portamenti (a, e, i, o, u)
a powerful word builder with words, 2 different articulations (fast and slow speeds).
words can be splitted to offer a total of 136 words/syllables
words can be combined with true legato vowel playing while the corresponding vowel is automatically selected
130 beautiful phrases
15 soundscapes, created from vocal samples
dry recordings, allow you to set the reverb amount exactly to you needs.

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