Best Service - Desert Winds (Engine)

Desert Winds - is library 4 exotic oriental instrument from Best Service. Sample library Desert Winds featuring four ethnic solo wind instruments: ARMENIAN DUDUK, PERSIAN NEY, TURKISH NEY, ZOURNA. Thanks to Best Service Engine 2, you will enjoy beautiful and easy to use interface. Get easy-to-real-time control of all important parameters. 

Download: Best Service - Desert Winds

Best Service - Engine Sampler v2.1.0.186 Win.OSX

Best Service - Engine 2 the innovative Sample Player Platform or virtual sampler by Best Service. If you use sound in mono, stereo or surround sound is the virtual engines for you. This Sample Player is designed to offer a creative, flexible and immediate solutions for the most demanding music producers, film composers, sound designers, composers and DJs. Do you have access to hundreds of fully customized music functions of the user interface, file management and ultra fast streaming integration and support for multiple processors and core Auto-RAM-Cleaner allow you to download and use an unlimited number of files in seconds.

Download: Best Service - Engine 2

Best Service - Nitron

Best Service - Nitron - quality multisamples from more than 50 different synthesizers. You will find a wide range of classics as well as lesser-known synthesizers from the past 30 years in this bold collection. The library is focused on providing the fattest lead and bass sounds. This product is well suited for techno, drum 'n' bass, dubstep, hip hop, bigbeat, trance and electro, as well as pop and ambient music.

Download: Best Service - Nitron

Best Service Emotional Cello

Emotional Cello of Best Service excellent instrument with high sound quality, offers all the typical styles of play, as well as unusual methods: sul ponticello legato and flageolet legato, morbid sustain, ricochet and evenrenaissance sounds. Super sounding instrument.

Download: Best Service Emotional Cello

Best Service Chris Hein Horns Compact

Best Service Chris Hein Horns Compact - is complete Vst library of Brass- & Woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Funk. Contents: 53 Brass & Woodwind Instruments. Each of the solo-instruments has six velocities for the sustained notes and five different articulations available via Hot-Keys. No key-switching is required to access different articulations and playing-techniques. The main window shows an eight channel mixer which makes it easy to combine the solo-instruments to powerful sections.

Download: Best Service Chris Hein Horns Compact


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