Best Service - Whistler Human Whistle

Best Service Whistler Human Whistle - it's not big, but a powerful vst instruments and the actual sounds believable human whistling, singing birds and a few other sounds to create your own melodies. For KONTAKT.

Download: Best Service - Whistler Human Whistle (kontakt)

Best Service Artist Drums

This plug-in instrument by Best Service features original drum kits from four of the worlds’ best drummers: Simon Philips (Toto, Jeff Back, Who,
Pete Townshend), Dennis Chambers (Santana, Steely Dan, John Mc Laughlin), Kenny Aronoff (Joe Cocker, Ricky Martin, Mick Jagger) and Mel Gaynor
(Simple Minds, Tina Turner, Robert Palmer, Gary Moore).

Download: Best Service Artist Drums

Best Service Accordions

Best Service Accordions for KONTAKT - produced by Eduardo Tarilonte, Accordions is the definitive accordion sample library. Designed and scripted to perform in real time ultra-realistic accordion melodies and chords.
All the subtle sounds from an accordion have been carefully captured to increase the realism of your performance, like key and button noises.
8 different Accordions where sampled in high detail, being one of them a real A-A (Alfred Arnold) Bandoneon from the 1930´s with an incredible tone. Just the same model Astor Piazzolla used. Also included are 8 perfectly balanced Multis with meticulously made combinations to create new ready to use registers.

Download: Best Service Accordions


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