Realitone - RealiBanjo (KONTAKT)

Realitone - RealiBanjo for KONTAKT is an intuitive banjo sample template player and animated GUI that make this the funniest instrument you've ever played, as well as the best sound banjo sample library. 

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- You can play chords (main, minor, dominant 7th, minor 7th or subo4) in the upper two octaves normally, and RealiBanjo automatically reproduces authentic banjo patterns (“rolls”) for this chord! Six styles of patterns to choose from (bluegrass to acoustic rock) that you can select with a push button switch so you can even switch between patterns if you want.

- Transitions of notes of Legato (slides up or down). Launch them on these specific notes for a more authentic banjo performance. This is because banjo players rarely select every note when playing rolls.

- Legato starts manually or with our special Auto-Legato feature! This automatically determines if the slide fits the note. Okay, maybe it's not really voodoo. Here's how it works: if two consecutive notes are either half a step or just step by step, the banjo player will usually slide, rather than choose, from one note to another. Auto-Legato does this automatically.

- Palm position for open strings (without capo, which is the most common) or any modal position on the neck. Cletus raises his hand up the bar to confirm his position.

- Animated GUI! RealiBanjo is a fully professional instrument, but would it be nice to have an instrument that your less musical friends could enjoy?


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