Stigmatized Productions - Stigmatized Drummer (KONTAKT)

Stigmatized Productions - Stigmatized Drummer (KONTAKT) is a HI-END METAL oriented Drumming Library. After trying and testing every possible setup,mic placement,and tuning the results are phenomenal. Every Drum piece is recorded both left and right hand and with up to 60 velocity layers the quality is unparalleled.  Using the industry standard of the Highest Sampling technology the powerfull KONTAKT 5 engine and it's build in quality effects you have access to a whole Studio. 


Advanced Scripting gives you the right tools to control everything in a top notch designed interface.
Selecting some of the hundrends of "focused" grooves,drag'n'drop in your DAW, using all these tools,effects,our top sophisticated SPLIT technology,the 16 track flexible MIXER and the MATRIX ROUTER, the ultimate weapon in terms of full control on every internall buss of
STIGMATIZED DRUMMER,creating the perfect Drumtrack has never been so easy. 

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