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Sonokinetic Toll presents you with sample library bells of varying size, period and origin. Each blow to these bells is a unique and original sound, Sonokinetic sampled historically valuable bronze bell with a millennial history. The library also includes amazing sounding Carillon. This product literally blow you away, and make all the epic and majestic sound, and add weight to your compositions.


All samples for this product are recorded and sampled in 24bit 96Khz, and all processing is done in that resolution, after which we converted them to 24 bit 48Khz, making a convenient package of just over 3 GB.

Over a timespan of more than a 1000 years of production, assembly, usage and preservation this very unique collection of bells are sampled here for the fist time and offered to you in an original Sonokinetic library.

Sonokinetic climbed a cathedral, risking permanent hearing loss, to capture the original sound of 6000kg heavy cast bells that sound from the Dutch Saint Johns Cathedral and traveled back in time to ancient Dutch Glory of the Golden age in the 16th and 17th century where the production of tower bells was perfected. Toll covers bells from European countries like Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, and an in depth study and recording of South-East-Asian ceremonial bells covering ground from Vietnam to China.

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